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I tend to get a bit rushed when posting.
Joan of Arc: Protecter of the Multiversal Refuge by RollerTroller699

The entire summer program I went to was an excellent experience for me as I was able to take my imagination to the next step through the art of animation.

For starters, the main classroom I went to animate had no need for flash animation, not only that but some of the workplaces and tables were the same ones used by those who had animated some of the classic Disney films long ago. The tools we used were little more than a pencil, an eraser, sheets of paper and a drawing board with lights underneath. The method of animating this way was to use two or three sheets of paper to draw a figure and then draw the figure in a slightly different position over the previous drawing. We then photo shoot them on an animation stand where it is uploaded onto the computer. We then use Adobe Premiere to add in the sound effects before finally saving them as videos. However, the class did not go through the stages of colouring the work on laminated paper because it was expected to take much longer to do so. The other classes I had were Production Workshop, Life Drawing, Animation Writing and the Symposium.

Generally, I hardly use YouTube for much else other than watching videos, however these needed to be shown to the world.
The first project for the class we needed to do was animate a bouncing ball to practice on movement and impact, there was not much need for creativity for this first one because it needed to be done quickly, so mine was mostly identical to the rest of the class.
The second was to animate the facial expression of a character, this was the very first time I animated my lead original character, Sir Peccatori, in all his Tyrannosaurus Rex toothed grinning glory.
The third project was to animate the walk cycle of a character, which I at first used the physical body structure of Sir Pec running at twelve frames per second, which later on I used some spare time to modify by adding all the details of him and animated him at twenty four frames per second.
The fourth and final project is to animate a ten second short of a character in a scenario with a beginning, middle and end, it was obvious for me to use Pec once again.

The story is about my Hellmouth Knight standing atop his Hellmouth mount. Uncertain about boasting his power well enough, he decides to breath molten blades (in which the fire sword loop animation was drawn on a separate sheet of paper) at some poor unfortunate souls. Only hearing a measly squeal at first, Pec puts his hand over his ear to hear if there are any other screams. Once the cries of the damned escalate into a frenzy of torment, Peccatori arrogantly shows off his sadistic satisfaction by striking a pose and letting out a demonic hysterical laugh.

However, the class I had actually became one of the first during the summer in which the majority of students finished their projects a week before the deadline, with myself being the first one to complete my project. I finished mine early because I took into account the mistake of one student the teacher told us about last year who used too much time with intricate details and not properly understanding the how the animation stand works. The goal of the corse was primarily on creating a hand drawn motion picture that needed to be finished by the due date yet also given a certain quality as well.

Corndog Raptor (Animation Poster) by RollerTroller699

So with spare time on my hands, I decided to use what was originally intended to be the very final day on completing the main project to make another short. It involves a twelve frame per second velociraptor helping himself to a twenty four frame per second corn dog. The process of animating this was having the dinosaur and the corn dog on separate sheets of paper for the different frame rates to work smoothly until the raptor snatches the snack.

By the end of the program, the animated tests were all a success as I was graded with an A+ in my Introduction to animation class as well as in my other classes and I was proud to show my characters on the big theatre during the final screening to the school. I'm so happy to take part in this program and hopefully I'll be able to go back there to do some real completed animation next year.
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  • Reading: What I wrote because it's art in of its self.
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Roller Troller
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hello, I'm a Troll... Well, I used to be a troll on the Creepypasta community, that is (my nickname used to be "The Troll of Creepypasta!"). Anyway, after a while's hesitation, I felt it was a good time to sign up on deviantart and post my stuff to the world, ranging from ideas I have to really dumb trash I post just for humor.

(Just to take into account, the numbers next to my name are only there because neither Deviantart nor wikia simply accept my name as just plain "RollerTroller". It wasn't origionally meant to support the end times with the Number of the Beast (even though my origional OC, Sir Peccatori, revolves around the devil) and it especially wasn't meant for that "other thing")

Friends before Deviantart;
:iconcambion-hunter: :iconfail-seeker:

Friends on Deviantart;
:iconthagirion::iconleeanix: :iconperfumedoll: :icongamma-wings: :iconjokerforever303: :iconaudes: :iconrahula87: :iconproject-rapto: :iconcraigthecrocodile:

Acquaintances on Deviantart;
:iconswordsparks: :iconms-d0s: :iconcobaltthefox: :iconfortheloveofpg: :iconmojoromo: :icondevcon101: :iconbabydocj:

Inside Out Emotions: from my favorite to my most despised;
:iconinsideoutjoyplz: She has limits to her attribute and I respect that.
:iconinsideoutangerplz: He reflects my frustration and I like over-the-top.
:iconinsideoutdisgustplz: She surprised me and made me laugh a few times.
:iconinsideoutfearplz: He's ok but inferior to :iconleeanix:'s Scary Fear.

...What?... Oh, right, I missed one, now let me see, where is that last one...
(I take a trip down into the Inferno)
* Circle 1; Limbo? ...No...
* Circle 2; Lust? ...Non...
* Circle 3; Gluttony? ...Nope...
* Circle 4; Greed? ...Neigh...
* Circle 5; Wrath? ...Nine...
* Circle 6; Heresy? ...Nah...
* Circle 7; Violence? ...Nil...
* Circle 8; Fraud? ...Nuh-uh...
* Circle 9; Treason? ...YES! I found her!...
(Inspiration to the last one);

For some information, here are some rules I would like to give to you when exploring my gallery.

It is highly unlikely I'm going to post anything of mature content, and if I do, it would most likely be unrealistic violence (similar to the violence in One Punch Man anime). Any posts I place that subtly and unintentionally reference mature content is either an ANTI-Post (such as Disney Kaa) or a parody meant for awkward humor only! I also do not add to favorites posts restricted as mature or any images directly revolving around a fetish! Sometimes there is art I add to favorites in which I am unaware of it's meaning, for example if it's just a pic of something like two characters kissing, it's not against the first rule and I likely favorited it because of humor.

I make illustrations for humor, for something epic, or to give others some ideas and Inspirations. Nearly all of my art so far is copyright to their origional owner, even OCs, since the ones I make are still based off of a certain franchise (ex, Vice is a fanmade OC directly related to Pixar's Inside Out). Nearly all of the charachters and concepts are free to use for either inspiration or gift art (if you want to).**
On the other hand, though I will be more than happy to draw gift art for free, I unfortunately do not take requests.
Yet I will not tolerate those who directly repost my work into their profiles.

You are free to express thoughts and opinions in the comment sections if they are generally positive or even neutral and they are not underneath a no critique stamp, though I recommend you to post at least a sentence long comment, especially if you add a post to your favorites (it's much easier for me to keep track of those who comment than those who only favorite my posts). However, Rules against criticizing my work are going to be further enforced the more one not only criticizes it in the comments, but also attempts to manipulate me to change it. This in particular goes for ANTI-Posts where I have characters I don't like get what they deserve, comment against those posts and I'll remind you by placing this;
I will hide blasphemous comments if other users distracted by them let me know, but I won't block if they're only meant on my work. Blocking is what I'll certanly do if users start to offend others visiting my account, this is not a place for squabbling.
Edit; If I commented on your work on your account and you reply with hostile threats at me or my friends, I will disconnect myself from you, unwatch you and unfave your work if I did so. Comment on my profile afterwards, and you will be driven out and BLOCKED!

*The only exception is my non-fanmade OC, Sir Peccatori!…
He is a Medieval Knight that fell into the grip of Satan to literally be used as the Jaws of Hell. I only took minor inspiration from certain elements like Richard William's The Thief and The Cobbler and Terry Jones' Medieval Lives. If you want to take some inspiration from this charachter, let me know or mention me with an : icon : like this :iconrollertroller699:. If you want to draw gif art of Sir Peccatori, please ask me first for permission and it's better not to draw him with your OCs or fan characters, officially licensed ones are fine as long as Pec stays in character. Sir Peccatori is not one that gets along well with anyone and he belongs to me!

*Edit: You need to ask me before drawing gift art of any of my OCs and fan characters, and it's not guaranteed that I'll say yes to everyone and it's most likely I'll accept friends!

Beyond that, enjoy your visit on this account!

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